Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mini Mid-Week Getaway

Well, these are the first pictures I came across so here we go! A couple months ago Strat and I took a little trip up North with some friends, Grace,Charlotte, Andrea, and Colin! Grace's family has a cabin and we needed a break from the heat. We had a fabulous time! 

Sorry for the crappy Iphone pics.

Lounging on the porch.

We took a little picnic to Tonto Natural Bridge. Not a whole lot to do with 3 one year olds but we outside and not drenched in sweat, which was a welcome change.

Three of the cutest kids ever! They just love posing for our pictures every 2 minutes.

At one point I was sitting alone with all three kids while the girls were getting the cars. A lady came up to me and asked if they were triplets! Yes lady, I decided to come to a national park with hiking and a rushing river with one year old triplets. Sounds fun! 

On to the next event! 

 Boys playing in the dirt

We also did a little antiquing, as much as the babies would permit. 

We drove by my family's old cabin. So many great memories at the place!

One of our delicious breakfasts!

Overall, a super fun few days in the nice weather. Lots of hanging out on the porch, watching the babies play, doing our nails, watching chic flicks, and eating good food.  Love these girls so much!

 Oh and a little video for good measure. And yes, I'm thinking about a career in videography.


Kristal said...

Fun trip. I wish I didn't have so many lame friends. I need to scout out some awesome friends...but I want fatter friends than you 3. Eat! Um, and the picture of the cabin makes me sad. I wish my kids could know how great the cabin was. and yea, don't be a videographer...but keep videoing our buddy Strat!

debrajo said...

You're such a pretty momma! Glad you're taking your kids for a fun time!

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