Sunday, April 17, 2011

The little man is here!

I'm going to try to get back on the blogging train but I warn you, it will most likely be all about the little man from this point on. He's much cuter than us.

So, after a long and semi-miserable week long (after the due date) wait, Stratton finally decided to make his appearance! I was sooo ready- the nesting was getting a bit out of control. Here were his stats...

Stratton Randall Fish

Born on April 7th, 2011 at 5:38AM

8lbs 14oz


{Long} Birth Story...

I was scheduled to be induced on the 6th at 7:30AM. I wasn't even really nervous at this point, just so ready to be DONE being pregnant. We got to the hospital and they started me on the gels...very long process. They did 3 rounds of the gels which lasted until about 1PM. We did a lot of walking up and down stairs trying to get those contractions going. I wasn't making much progress- still only at a 3 but they were ready to start the Pitocin. They started that around 3PM. Then, by around 5, the contractions started coming on a lot faster and stronger. Good times. I sat on the exercise ball for basically 5 hours while I was enduring the contractions. We played some cards, watched a movie, and Brennon, my mom, and Brennon' mom attempted to distract me. Finally, I was just about at a 5 so I got the epidural. The epidural was scary, but oh so worth it. :) I was finally able to relax and tried (tried being the key word) to get some sleep. They had to have me on oxygen on and off and pumped me with fluids throughout the night. Around 1AM, the doctor broke my water and after that things started progressing much more quickly. I was to a 7 by 3AM and a 9 by 4AM. My mom and I woke up Brennon every time the nurse came in to check me- at least someone was able to sleep. :) By 4:30ish, I was at a 10 and ready to push. The doctor came in and I pushed for about 45 minutes.

Brennon wasn't really planning on watching any of it- I had barely convinced him to cut the cord. But the nurse asked him to hold one of my legs as I pushed so he was kind of thrown into it. Now though, he's so glad he was able to watch and experience everything and said it wasn't as scary as he thought it would be. I really wasn't expecting Stratton to be as big as he was- my guess was in the high 7lbs range. My mom's guess was the closest at 9lbs 2oz. I still can't believe a baby that big was inside me.

We delivered at Mercy Gilbert and could not have been more happy with the whole experience. I am convinced that nurses are part angel. They were amazing and made everything so great. The rooms were huge and so nice. Volunteers would come in and bring little cheesecakes and free cute knit beenies...ummm, awesome. So great that we decided to stay 2 nights instead of one. It was great to have that extra help with everything. We went home on the 9th in the morning.

We are just loving on our little man. His cheeks are so squishy and kissable and he has a nice mullet of black hair that feels like feathers. He has been sleeping great, one night in his first week even making it 6 hours straight through the night...although I woke up in a panic after I looked at the clock! He's on a pretty consistent 4 hour eating schedule and is doing great eating. My recovery went well and after 2 weeks, I'm feeling normal again, except this extra 20lbs hanging on me. It is quite an adjustment having our whole lives revolve around this amazing little person but we are enjoying it all.

After his 2 week appointment, he is now at 9lbs 6oz and in the 75% for weight and height. Practically perfect in every way! He is getting more alert and awake every day- its all going by so fast.

Here are some cute pictures...we take like 20 a day of him. Kristal is taking his newborn shots today so I'll post those soon!

The family can't get enough of him!

Cross eyed loon!

Hairy bum!



Tamee said...

Yippy! I love him too. I'm so glad you decided to blog again. I can't sit down to facebook but I love to take a minute and look at blogs. I love the picture of Stratton with Great Grandma Hatch. What a blessing. I cant what for these boys to play together.

j2nielsen said...

so cute! Congratulations you two!

EEK said...

Babies are so amazing!

I can't wait to see him

Aunt Karen

debrajo said...

Wow, what a sweet story & an ADORABLE little guy! Holy cow, what a CUTE KID!

Congratulations--I am so happy for you!

Kaitie and Blaine said...

Ahhh! He is the cutest!! I LOVE all his hair! I'm so happy for you guys Dani! :-) Reading your experience makes me so excited for mine (even though I know it won't be super fun). Yay!

Ps. I love your nursery pic. We're painting our nursery gray too, but we're adding a little pink ;-)