Monday, April 13, 2009


Look at me, I'm posting less than a week after the event! This is exciting people.

Easter was a fabulously fun, relaxing day.

The treats I made.

My awesome aunt, 2 of which are preggo! So excited to meet them.

Egg hunt Extraveganza!

Cutie Kendall. She wasn't too concerned about the photo session I was wanting.

After the eating frenzy, everyone collapsed and watched good ole' Spongebob.


Grandma did a fun question-asking game for awesome prizes. I don't know why she wouldn't call on me...

Finding the egg I hid deeeeep in the bush, she was so proud.


The extremly attractive couple.

Me trying to distract them from going out too early to the easter egg hunt by taking a picture. That only lasted about 4 seconds.

Model shot of Kam. Work it girl.

The whole gang watching the Hunt.

The weather was beautiful and the company perfect! Such a fun day!


Vonda G. said...

Nice job, now blog for your mom

kristal said...

Ugh, can we just remove the "hotness" picture, because that's the opposite of what it is. ug!
Um, yea, Easter ruled! Glad you were able to be there for the shiz!

jenna♥devon said...

3 things- 1)OH MY GOSH! YOUR PARENTS FINALLY GOT NEW COUCHES!!!! 2) Bethany looks like that actress Amanda Pete. 3) Sorry it took me forever to look at and comment on your post! 4) I'm so jealous you're going to Scotland!

The Epps Fam said...

Happy Easter! (0ne week ago!) okay, I just have to say that I think you need to get that first picture of the two of you blown up. It is so cute!

That's all. :)

The Fish Family said... two look so great together. And when in the heck are you going to Scotland? I am extremely jealous. We want to go over to England but it just hasn't happened yet. I am glad that you had a new post up because it had been a little while!! You two take care and stay so hot!!

kersten campbell said...

I love your blog! I found it through the blog frog at Seriously So Blessed! I love reading about other LDS moms!

Cassie said...

hey. long story but i had to get a new blog address. its just to let you know :)

joelle said...

hey what is your mom's email addy?