Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lots of catch-up

This month (and last I guess) have been somewhat crazy. So here's a little update from now going back to December....

With this new semester starting, I'm taking 15 credits at ASU East. I'm FINALLY in the Elementary Edu. program. Took me 3 years to get here but hey, whatcha gonna do. I'm still doing the nanny thing and lovin it. Those boys are so much fun. Brennon is working at Frontier airlines and taking one class at CGCC. We see each other for about an hour a day in the morning, 2 if were lucky. He has the night shift right now so he works from 5-1AM and I work during the day...but we do both have weekends totally off so that's nice. This semesters' gonna be ca-razy for me. I'm already overwhelmed. Oh, and we have to move out of the Mansion next month so were trying to find somewhere to rent right now. Good times. Anyways, so that's the update.

My good friend Emaly got married on Jan. 17th to her high school sweetheart Mark. She waited for him on his mission and they are just so dang cute together. It started at the bridal shower, which I don't have pictures of. Then, I got to throw her a "panty party" as we call it.

Cute twiners.

It was way fun. Lots of girl talk and eating and general merriment.

We got to go to their sealing and it was amazing. I just love going to those. And I love that I got married first so I've been able to go to some of them.

Here's us waiting for the lovely couple to come out.

Me admiring the bouquet.

Some of my high school buddies, Joe and Ian.

Aww precious.

Her hair was gorgeous.

Then, on the the reception after a lovely dinner with Traci and Clint. It was so pretty and simple. They had a photo booth outside that was so much fun. We may have taken a few more than we were supposed to.
Oh and this was was so cute and personal. Mark had always "joked" that he wanted a bounce house at there reception. But he was a little serious. So she suprised him and got one!

Just a cute picture of us with G-ma and G-pa.

I threw a little after-christmas recital for all my adorable piano students. The Mansion was the perfect place for it... They all did a fabu-loso job and I wish I didn't have to stop teaching them. Boo school.

My nervous face.

Doughnuts and fruit were served. Four dozen were gonna in like 2.5 sec.
Christmas. It was fun and magical and lovely. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in the valley with my fam then headed up to Show Low for Christmas day and night with the Fish's. we spent the rest of the weekend up there, eating, playing games, and generally being lazy. I miss that.

Christmas tree. I have big plans for next year.

A wreath I made. It looks better in person cause its all sparkly.

I also started doing Coupon Sense via my madre. She is a consultant FYI. I was a little skeptical at first but after this past week, I am SO excited about it! It's easy to learn and really doesn't take too much time once you get the hang of it. Here are the fruits of my (non)labors...

$75.00 worth of groceries for....

$ 20.00!!!

I've saved over 70% on my grocery bill this month! I know, I know, theres like 20 boxes of wheat thins and I think it will take us a year to go thru all the mustard. But when you can get the wheat thins for .50 cents and the mustard for FREE, why not? I am officially addicted and actually get excited about grocery shopping now. I am constantly competing to try and beat my last trip's savings. It's a bargain lovers dream.
So thats about it. That post took me waaaaay to long.


Tamee said...

Ok I love the pictures of New York. We're going in Aug., come with us. Or even better come see us!!!

I love the Christmas at Dani and Brennons. It is does take a lot of work and energy. I don't know how your mom always does it?

I didn't know that your buddy Emily got married?
I like the bangs!
LOve yaz

Dirty-D & J-Spice Winters said...

My boss had me doing the coupon sense too and it was cool. Have you guys considered living on the base? I don't know what you have heard about it there but it's a good price and if you have any questions you can ask me. It might be far from your work but since you're going to school there you will definately be able to get a house.

Joe and Maren said...

I know how you feel now about not seeing your husband. Joe student teaches from 730-230 comes home and sleeps from 300-845...I get home between 740-830 and let him sleep until 845, then talk to him etc. until he has to leave at 915 and then I leave for work at 630 and he leaves to come home at 645 so we just barely miss eachother! Anyways---- I need some girly time! Call me!

Corey, Dani & Kaiya said...

oh my goodness! I want to go grocery shopping with your mom! That is awesome!

Nathaniel and Rachel Allen! said...

Your blog is freakin cute, I love the header!!! And may I say that you are rockin those bangs you look so cute in all of these pics.

Cara Fish said...

fun catch up...

amanda.hall said...

I'm jealous you got to go to NY... and I LOVE your bangs- SO CUTE! And don't you just love coupon sense? It is the greatest! I had to laugh at your picture cause my pantry has like 6 mustards (all free). They are probably going to expire soon. =)

kristal said...

WHAT?! You paid $20 for that?! I woudl have gotten it for free! haha, just kidding. Yea, gotta love that our pantries all look the same, mustard, chili, beans, tomatoes, mustard, and lots and lots of cereal and rice cakes. We'll be fine if times get tough!

Anonymous said...

why is your husbands tie so short? It is confusing me

Caralina on my mind said...

how come you have such a cute life? and blog? and haircut?

i think you are wonderful and love reading your blog! also... you really inspired me to save my coupons books. thanks girl.

Rylin Photography said...

Hey! Of course I remember you! I saw you at walmart or somewhere like that about a month ago, but I felt silly saying hi because I didn't think you would remember me! how are you??

Taralee said...

wow...that was quite the kat-chup. So- I totally hear ya on the whole overwhelming school thing. I have 18 this semester, work part time, and be a mom AND a wife. I am good, but not THAT good. I can only stretch so far. I make it work though. PLUS I only get to see Trace for 30 minutes per diem...if I'm lucky. He has 21 credits and works nights at UPS. Seriously- it will end sometime...right? Only 1 year left of school. OH and I'm doing Physical Education K-12. Aren't you excited to be a teacher? I sure am.
Alright- that's enough talk from the peanut gallery. Catch ya later little fishes. ha ha.

Taralee said...

PS. I like the short tie. They are cool and rad and pretty much bad-a...ya, I said it.

kAyLa GuTtErY said...

Joe and Ian . . . yes i will marry you