Thursday, September 11, 2008

Girls night.

Last week, a bunch of us girls all got together at Paradise to catch up. I just love these girls and the fact that even though we dont see eachother all that much, we can still talk and laugh like the high school days. I have to say that I feel very lucky to have had such great girl friends in high school with little to no "catiness".

This picture is slightly akward because we were using a self timer. And the funny part is, everyone wanted to get one so we had to hold this pose, outside of Paradise for about 10 minutes while all the pictures were getting taken. It was quite the ordeal.

Then a few of us wanted to go see a movie so we decide on Mama Mia, which I had seen and loved. It's definatly a movie that grows on you. In the movie theater we had these girls behind us who were obviously a little drunk, which Im sure made the movie alot better. They were a bit loud which made the whole experience quite interesting.

Sorrry for the revealing nature of this photo, not a good picture. Anyways, such a good time and I hope we can make this a monthly tradition! Oh, and thanks Jenna for the pics!

And on a side note, we just bought tickets for Wicked that comes next summer! I am so excited, although I can't say the same about Brennon. But I have the soundtrack playing around the house so I'm pretty sure he'll be into it by next July. Anyways, just had to share my excitement.


bet said...


Drea said...

I LOVE girls nights! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time :) Ok, we bought our tickets for Wicked too! Tell Brennon that Jason went with me in LA and he absolutely LOVES the show. He was the one that got our tickets for July. So I'm sure Brennon will walk away from it saying that he really liked it.

Blake and Celeste said...

FUN! I love girls night out.

Cait and Ben said...

I want tickets!!!! That's all that i play in the car. Where did you buy them from?? I am trying my hardest to get Ben to listen to it.

Nicole said...

Looks like you girls had fun!! We will have to call you guys one night and do something... it's been forever!