Monday, December 17, 2007

Catching up...

I finally done with school! I'm SO glad its over for a couple weeks. Now I can catch up on my blogging that I have been falling behind in. We'll start with Thanksgiving....

We went up north and had alot of fun hanging with our families. First we went to the Fish's and had a delicious Thanksgiving breakfast of pumpkin waffles and homeade buttermilk syrup with the whole Fish side... seriously. So good. Played a little Guitar Hero with the cousins, hung out, and then on to the next meal. Thanksgiving was at Grandma Doris and Witt's house and I stuffed myself with all the yummy food including noodle gravy, which I had never heard of. Then the boys watched football for like a kagillion hours while I continued to stuff myself with pumkin pie and this awesome bananna dessert Trevor made....mmmm... wow im fat.

Then that afternoon we left and went to the Hatch house in Jo town. This is where i remembered I had a camara so I have a few pics.

We had the 1st annual Hatch family talent show where everyone must participate. Some of the highlights...

Breea and Kristals clogging number,

Kayla's singing,

Kamryn and Tessa's cheering,

Not pictured: my dad whistling without moving his lips, Bethany and Jamison singing and playing guitar, Mckenna and her dance moves, Aunt Paula and my mother doing thier high school cheer
(you gotta check this out, scroll down to Nov. 26th), Uncle Traci nameing 20 tools in 10 sec, and many others.

Brennon and I's talent will not be discussed.

Then we went to the Guttery's and hung out with the cousins, had grandma stuff us with more food and watched more football.

Words to sum up our weekend: eating, playing cards, eating, watching football, eating, and hanging out with our awesome families! (Did i mention eating?)


Erica said...

Ah the eating, I have such fond memories of the eating. More food to come next week! yay.

Vonda said...

Good start Danica, I wanna see a post a day!

Anonymous said...

Dani, you have to go check out Aunt Karens blog - we should have had her plan your wedding.


Vonda said...

Candice did a cute post about you!